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Chandra’s Blog- ReStore DIY: A Tiny House Adventure

Nestled in the mountains by a tranquil lake, Lulu and her husband’s wood cabin is a retreat from modern living. The couple purchased the 321 square foot neglected picnic pavilion, seeing past the years of abandonment with visions of family and friends gathering in a beautiful, updated space.

Thanks to the MontDelco ReStore, the two were able to completely renovate and furnish their cabin on a budget. While some of the items used in the revamp were purchased new, it’s fair to say that the restoration of the cabin is – at least in part – a ReStore-ation. From the mirror in the bathroom to the rug in the living room, Lulu and her husband’s cabin is full of choice ReStore purchases.

Lulu used scalloped edge bricks from the ReStore in the landscaping outside. “The bricks help incredibly well with water runoff coming down the hill” Lulu shared. Also outside is a table to enjoy company and meals. “We purchased a sawhorse from the ReStore, and were able to repurpose the legs and add an old porcelain table top that came with the cabin,” Lulu said. “We use that table every day.”

Back in the cabin, a number of other ReStore finds helped the pair complete the indoor restoration. The kitchen features wooden shelves and storage drawers that were found at the ReStore. It also contains many cooking appliances that come in handy in a tiny house with no hot water.

Perhaps the most challenging part of this renovation was making the most out of the tiny space so that everything has a purpose. “Over 90% of our tiny house is furnished with items from the ReStore!” Lulu exclaimed. “We found a table and chairs, a loveseat, armchair, and a dual-purpose footstool/seat.” But the most important part? “It’s all comfortable and multi-purpose. Incredibly, we could seat nine people in the living room if we wanted to” Lulu said.

And Lulu and her husband aren’t finished with their repurpose project yet. They still make frequent trips to the ReStore for just the right upgrades to their tiny cabin home. “We bought a tall table yesterday that we plan to cut down and use as luggage storage,” Lulu said. “It’s so much fun to repurpose!”

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