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helping neighborhoods
grow and thrive


The people, the location, the architecture, the culture … it’s a little bit of all of these things.
Habitat MontDelco knows that building homes changes lives, but it’s not enough to stabilize neighborhoods and develop communities. The Neighborhood Revitalization program works holistically with communities to identify local assets and goals, stabilize neighborhoods and improve residents’ safety and quality of life.

It starts with physical home repairs for neighborhood homeowners and on blighted properties,  and continues with partnerships planning, and program development.

how it works

Neighborhood Revitalization works at the grassroots level - with people in the community determining the goals and through collaboration with residents, local government officials, the faith community and community non-profits. It also works at the macro level with sector leaders in health, education, employment and more. It responds to community aspirations by taking an overall look at needs, and empowering residents and community partners to help their neighborhoods grow and thrive.

zone goals

to increase

  1. Neighborhood safety
  2. Residents’ quality of life
  3. Homeownership rates
  4. Economic development
  5. Residents’ financial stability
  6. Social cohesion
  7. Civic engagement
  8. Youth engagement

increase and maintain

Physical infrastructure

to decrease

Vacant and blighted property

to create

A neighborhood association led by residents


To get involved in one of our NR zones, contact Cara Przybylowicz, Community Relations and Volunteer Manager at cara@habitatmontdelco.org or call 610-278-7710 x 114.


To make a gift in support of Neighborhood Revitalization, contact Rebecca Cain, Vice President of Development at rcain@habitatmontdelco.org or call  610-278-7710 x 129.

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