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financial empowerment program

We receive hundreds of applications for our Home Buying and Critical Home Repair programs, but often families are not yet financially stable enough to qualify. Habitat MontDelco’s Almost Home program aims to help families across Montgomery and Delaware County become financially stable.

If you’re a prospective home buyer, a homeowner struggling to maintain your home or a family looking to break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, Almost Home may be for you. The program is free and open to all residents and free childcare and meals are offered during each class. The program runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

an overall behavioral change; not a small quick fix

Almost Home focuses on overall behavior change and helps families set goals, learn skills and change financial behaviors.

We establish a supportive class environment in which families motivate each other and hold each other accountable. In addition to group classes, each family has a financial coach to help create an individual success plan focused on the family’s financial and housing goals. The coach meets with families for a minimum of four hours over the 6-week course and continues for five to six months after the classes are over.

Topics in Almost Home include budgeting, credit, cash flow, debt, project management, dealing with legal issues, planning for retirement, managing student loans, purchasing insurance, writing a resume, obtaining employment and buying a home.

what is financial stability?

It’s a family’s ability to weather a crisis, emergency or unplanned event without being thrown into financial chaos. It is having an emergency fund and three- to six months of living expenses saved. It is not being burdened by excessive debt or penalized for a poor credit score. Financial stability is when a family’s money works for them instead of controlling them.

Paid off $100,000 in debt

94% have created an emergency fund of $500 or more

65% have secured new and/or improved employment

course results

course #1

  • 7/8 members ranked themselves as “experts” in budgeting after the program
  • 6 members created a $500+ emergency fund within 6 weeks
  • 1 member qualified for Habitat’s Critical Home Repair Program
  • 1 member purchased a Habitat home
  • 1 member consolidated over $60,000 of student loan debt
  • 65% increase of understanding of predatory lending
  • 61% increase of understanding of planning for retirement
  • 49% increase of understanding of purchasing a home
  • 48% increase of understanding of housing services in Montgomery County


  • 11 class members
  • 5 members of the class accepted into the Habitat Home Buyer Program
  • 1 member of the class successfully transitioned out of transitional housing
  • 3 members of the class located and moved into affordable rentals and 100% of class members created an emergency fund of at least $500 over the 8 weeks of the course
  • Class paid off over $38,000 in debt from start of class to the 3-month mark
  • 5 members of the class secured new employment
  • 9 class members said the class impacted their day-to-day financial decisions
  • All 11 class members said the class impacted their long-term financial decisions
  • 51% increase of understanding of housing services in Montgomery County
  • 50% increase of understanding of mortgages
  • 43% increase of understanding of saving for retirement
  • 35% increase of understanding of dealing with legal issues


  • 9 class members
  • 4 class members created emergency funds of at least $500 by the end of the 8 weeks of class
  • 7 class members follow a budget
  • Knowledge in all areas of class topics increased
  • Class members reported a 39% increase in understanding credit cards by the end of class
  • They reported a 44.75% increase in understanding predatory lending
  • Following the class, members ranked themselves as experts in managing a project, renting a home, maintaining a home, bank accounts, insurance, and networking
  • There was a 28% increase in understanding mortgages
  • Knowledge regarding savings increased by 24%
  • Class members increased their knowledge about Montgomery County general services by 32% and their knowledge about Montgomery County housing services by 35%.

exciting volunteer opportunity:

We are looking for Almost Home Junior program facilitators, who will work with the youth while their parents attend class. Volunteers will lead the children in enriching and engaging activities and/or lesson.

To learn more, read the volunteer job description here.

To apply or ask questions, contact Kim Cassada at kcassada@habitatmontdelco.org or 610-267-7710 x132

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