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Chandra’s Blog- Collective social impact: How volunteering heals the community

A recent in finding in the 2018 State of World Volunteerism Report suggest that local volunteering is a fundamental coping strategy for communities in crisis. The report presented new evidence that more than 1 billion people volunteer globally, and that local volunteerism enables collective strategies for managing risk.  

Volunteers are the invaluable resource that sustains nonprofit organizations, especially for those that have limited capacity to help an infinite number of needs in the world. Often, those affected by a crisis feel silenced and defeated in a world that is seemingly run by big businesses. Volunteers are the voices of the community and the seat that’s needed at the table. 

Volunteers bridge the connection between the needs and the resources in the community. They see challenges and opportunities from both sideand work collaboratively to move the needle of change. Volunteering also inspires a movement that encourages others to join a mission.    

 Here are my top five reasons how volunteering helps the community: 

  1. Creates accountability.

    Volunteers are the best accountability partners. By their actions alone a sense of ownership and responsibility is demanded, especially for those needs to be sustained. This lets them know that their work isn’t in vain and we all play our parts to succeed. 

  2. Creates unity.

    A wise man once said, “Many hands make light work.” Joining people on both sides of the fence is a recipe for social impact. When volunteers engage community members and stakeholders, they connect issues to solutions.  

  3. Creates purpose.

    Volunteering to help with interests that are close to your heart creates fulfillment adds value to your life goals. When your interests positively affect change, a purpose is birthed wita vision. 

  4. Creates growth.

    Citizens become volunteers; volunteers become advocates; advocates become leaders. The pipeline for social impact has created great opportunity to grow professionally, economically, and socially.    

  5. Creates a movement.

    One vision can become a global initiative. Habitat for Humanity of MontDelco is working daily to advance the vision of founder Clarence Jordan. Our efforts to bring people together to build homes and stabilize communities started from his concept of “partnership housing.” The concept centered on those in need of adequate shelter working side by side with volunteers to build decent, affordable houses. Today, there are now Habitat affiliates in all 50 states in the U.S. and in more than 70 countries and has helped more than 22 million people worldwide.  

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